Mission & Values

Mission and Values.jpgThe mission of our Year 7 to 12 co-educational College is to be a school community of faith, learning, respect and service in the Catholic tradition.

Our community discerned the following values central to our daily living.

Catholic Identity

We value a school where Christ is central to our lives and where Catholic teachings, values and traditions are lived and celebrated.


We value a school where we have empathy for others, act with forgiveness and promote reconciliation.

Endeavour & Excellence

We value a school where each person is able to realise their full potential through spiritual, academic, cultural and sporting activities.


We value a school where we respect the environment and commit to sharing God's gifts justly and wisely.


We value a school where each person is accepted and loved and can develop their sense of personal worth.


We value a school where partnerships between parents, students, staff, parishes and the community are fostered and developed.


We value a school where Jesus’ model of leadership challenges each person to encourage and inspire others to their best.

Social Justice

We value a school where we grow in awareness and respond to the needs of others in a spirit of service.

The focus of our education is learning for life, the development of mind, body and spirit and the understanding of God’s unconditional love for each person. The curriculum is broad including vocational and academic learning pathways. There is an extensive range of subjects offered at the senior level and we offer cooperative classes with other independent schools through timetable alignment. A full range of co-curricular cultural and sporting opportunities are provided to augment learning and enable students to explore their talents, develop teamwork and promote connection to the community. The pastoral care of each person is paramount.