Our Schools

Middle School

MS Camp.jpgThe Middle School (Year 7 and 8) at St Patrick’s College is a caring environment which focusses on nurturing and developing the individual potential of each student in a supportive setting. It provides a challenging academic, social and spiritual learning environment, structured to encourage our students to strive for success. Students in the middle years are growing towards independence. Our aim in these critical transition years is to support students in achieving their potential and to foster a love for life-long learning.

We value learning that:

  • Equips students with knowledge, life and thinking skills
  • Encourages enthusiasm for knowledge and creativity
  • Is relevant and rigorous
  • Strengthens individual potential to grow as citizens of the future, making a valued and compassionate contribution to society


Middle School.jpgWhile providing an environment where students feel safe and connected, the middle years are also about challenging our students to be independent learners, to work cooperatively with others and to engage in a broad and rich curriculum. The curriculum in the Middle School has been designed to expose students to a diverse and varied range of disciplines. During these years, our students are provided with a balance of academic, sporting and artistic opportunities as they develop an understanding of their gifts and talents. The curriculum offered recognises that learning is most effective when it is relevant and purposeful and that the learning needs of Middle School students are specific. Our dedicated Middle School staff are familiar with the specialised social and academic needs of adolescent learners and they aspire to meet the learning needs of these students as they grow in understanding of their place in the world. A supportive environment encourages students to explore their physical, social and technological world with confidence and become independent learners.

To provide this climate, Middle School students are placed in a Core group with teachers who closely monitor their general progress and pastoral needs and normally teach the students for more than one subject.

The Middle School Team

Douglas, Casimir.jpgAusten, Simon.jpgCottle, Deborah.jpg

Mr Casimir Douglas - Head of Middle School

Mr Andrew Martin - Director of Pastoral Care (Acting)

Miss Deborah Cottle - Director of Curriculum  

Croagh Patrick

IMG_0617.jpgCroagh Patrick is our College’s Year 9 Campus. Established in 2012, Croagh Patrick is named after the holy mountain of St Patrick in County Mayo, Ireland. Situated across the ovals from the main campus (Peel Street entrance) ensures that the students are in their own learning community for the year, while still connected to the main campus for co-curricular pursuits, buses and the use of some specialist facilities.

As the crest suggests, Croagh Patrick is designed to be a challenging experience (like climbing a mountain) and most importantly a year where strong relationships are built between the students and with the staff. This has proven to be the key experience at Croagh Patrick as the staff work very closely with the students, guiding them on their journey towards becoming loving and respectful adults. The Rite Journey program plays a significant part in this process and importantly involves parents in key ceremonies in Terms 1 and 4.


Please refer to the link below for more information on the Croagh Patrick Rite Journey program:

Rite Journey Website



The Croagh Patrick Team

Ralph, Stuart.jpgHart, Leigh.jpgLeatherbarrow, Shaun.jpgMr Stuart Ralph - Head of Croagh Patrick

Ms Leigh Hart - Director of Curriculum 

Mr Shaun Leatherbarrow - Director of Pastoral Care

Senior School

Senior School.JPGCentral to the mission of St Patrick’s College, senior students are an integral part of our school community of faith, learning, respect and service in the Catholic tradition. In order to prepare senior students for the final journey of their secondary school experience, all aspects of Senior School are designed to meet the needs of all students. They are encouraged to be independent thinkers, make informed decisions and take responsibility for their own actions as learners. Senior students work in partnership with a dedicated team of Senior School staff to realise their full potential and future pathways.

The Senior School comprising of Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students together with Senior School staff, opens many doors and opportunities for enriched learning.  


The breadth of curriculum meets the needs of a wide range of students and provides students with excellent pathways to pursue tertiary study, VET, employment or other post-school life choices.

For more detailed information click on the following:

The Senior School Team

Colman, Julienne.jpgHills, Lindsey.jpgMcInnes, Kim.jpgDr Julienne Colman - Head of Senior School

Mrs Lindsey Hills - Director of Curriculum 

Mrs Kim McInnes - Director of Pastoral Care

Mrs Ann Viney – Senior Study Supervisor

Mrs Marilyn Thomas – Personal Assistant


The National School Chaplaincy  Program

Russell, Shayne.jpg

Mrs Shayne Russell
School Chaplain
Email:  shayne.russell@stpatricks.tas.edu.au
Phone: 03 6341 9988