Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of St Patrick’s College, 

The following is an excerpt from an address I gave students at assembly this week:

We often read in the press that our youth are disengaged, self-centred and indulgent. I would challenge them to come and spend some time at LAP IT UP with our staff and Year 12 students next year.

They ran, cycled and swam in a continuous relay to raise money for various charities, with the majority of the $24,000 raised for our sister school in East Africa via the Edmund Rice Foundation.

This was a truly remarkable result and I would like to thank all the Year 12s and staff who have contributed.

My role is to set the tone and culture for the College community with respect to the way we interact with each other and engage in the classroom.

When I was 17 I was a member of a local surf life saving club. Most weekends were spent patrolling beaches with my friends. At that time, swearing among my circle of friends was fairly prevalent, including my own.

I recall vividly one Monday morning as I was enjoying my Coco Pops when my mother asked me how my weekend was. Without even thinking, I replied “It was f@#$ing great”. 

When it dawned on me what I had just said, I wanted to jump into the bowl of Coco Pops to hide.

Bless my mother, as I began to apologise she did not get angry, but instead just smiled and gave me ‘that’ look. Let’s just say it has not happened ever again.

Time and place is a phrase often used and very appropriate. When you have a job, if you swear in the workplace in front of customers you would soon find yourself without a position.

As a school community we are a learning institution and a place of faith and respect for others. My challenge and expectation of all students is that none of you will be observed swearing - please ensure to leave this at the front gate. 

As we continue towards the end of the year my expectations of students wearing the correct uniform and displaying respect for each other and staff will not change - this is an absolute at St Patrick’s College. 

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God Bless

Mr Tony Daley