Thursday, 15 June, 2017

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of St Patrick’s College,


Recently at assembly I challenged the students on what is their true character. I informed them that this is displayed when they are not being watched as how they act in these situations tells us much about their true character.

It is interesting to consider what role the College should play in the development of character.  While the Federal and State governments are often preoccupied with standardised tests such as NAPLAN and PISA, it seems to me the focus on values education and the development of character have taken a back seat.  The assumption here is that parents have the ultimate responsibility for the child’s character development, however a child spends nearly half their awake life at school, so I would certainly disagree with this assumption.

Therefore I ask the question, why do parents send their children to Catholic colleges when often they have little or no association with the Catholic faith?  During the recent Year 7 interviews I asked parents this exact question. The answers were many and varied, but there were three themes that were consistent.  Firstly, it was to get a good education (there is a whole book on that statement), secondly it was the many opportunities that St Patrick’s College offers and thirdly, it was the care and values education given to the students that was most important.  

In a recent educational article I read how important it is to give children choice and for them to choose a certain characteristic. Do they want to be:

Hopeful or pessimistic
Thoughtful or inconsiderate
Open minded or narrow minded
Tolerant or prejudiced
Resilient or fragile

These are just a few characteristics that we continually try to develop and nurture in the students at St Patrick’s College.  They are all underpinned by the Gospel Values and the Mission of the College and it is pleasing to see them demonstrated every day on my meanderings around the school.

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God Bless

Mr Tony Daley