Thursday, 28 September 2017

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of St Patrick’s College, 

With Launceston being a regional city and St Patrick’s College graduating nearly 250 students each year it is not difficult to see how the students can make an impact on the fabric of the Launceston community. It seems everyone I meet here in Launceston went to the College, had a relative attend the College or is friends with somebody who went to the College. 

The school has a very public profile within the city. I always stress to the students that the public is very quick to draw conclusions either way depending on their interactions with St Patrick’s College students, regardless of whether they are in uniform or not. 

Parenting is not easy and while I have professional expertise in dealing with young adolescents, parenting is a whole different beast. Parents face their children dealing with social media, parties, alcohol, part time work, driving and simply dealing with the ups and downs of growing up. With my own children aged  24, 22, and 20 some would believe my wife and I have navigated through the more difficult times of adolescence, however you never stop being a parent and feeling both their pain and excitement. It certainly is a roller coaster ride 

There are not many pleasantries in getting older except for the gift of wisdom. So while young people believe they know it all, it is incumbent on us as parents to guide, advise and encourage our children to experience life in a safe and controlled manner. Research informs us that young adolescents are by nature risk takers, mainly because many are not taking a long term view of their lives, so it is important for us as a College, in partnership with parents, to provide them with boundaries in order to experience risks and limit the negative consequences. 

So I encourage you to believe that it is ‘OK to say no’ when students use the phrase, “all the other students are going” or “all the other students are allowed to drink”. I love the saying ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’, it highlights the partnerships that must exist between home and College if the student is to be successful. 

Once again it has been a very busy and successful term. I had the pleasure of watching the Senior Girls win the SATIS Netball championship, the Senior Boys Soccer win the NSATIS and SATIS finals and the Athletics team win a large number of NSATIS and SATIS Shields. It was also impressive to see the two girls hockey teams take premiership honours in club hockey.

The co-curricular life of the College is so diverse. In the freezing cold temperatures of Westbury I witnessed the very talented Equestrian team compete in the Dressage with great success. St Patrick’s College recently hosted the State Championships for Chess and the team finished a creditable third place overall. 

With Music forming an integral part of the Co-curricular program it was pleasing to see the professional performances at the Winter Concert and the Movie Concert being so successful. The Intermediate Band trip to southern Tasmania was also a tremendous success.

I wish you all a safe and restful Term 3 break, I trust that our Year 11s and 12s will use the time wisely. 

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God Bless

Mr Tony Daley