Thursday, 29 June 2017

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of St Patrick’s College,


On behalf of the Board, Senior Leadership and myself, I would like to thank the St Patrick’s community for their contribution to the fabric of what is St Patrick’s College. We are an educational community of faith that endeavours to develop richness and depth in all members, especially the students. 

I have received many messages over the semester of how St Patrick’s College students have represented themselves outside the school environment. One in particular I remember very fondly, was when a member of our community witnessed a young student walk past an aged care facility and pick up a bin that had been knocked over. The student then proceeded to pick up the rubbish and tidy up the area. This act of generosity and care for the community is certainly encouraged and should be celebrated 

Another situation that moved me this semester was when I was having morning tea with some of our humanitarian students from Africa and Burma. I asked them to tell me what they liked about Launceston and what they wanted to do in the future. While there were some nervous answers, one brought home to me why we always need to be mindful of the plight of refugees. This young man said he wanted to raise more money to help his fellow people who were not lucky enough to be able to come to Australia. I see this compassion and generosity mirrored in the Ascent program that underpins the Outreach Mission of the College.

Last weekend I witnessed a strong performance by the SATIS First XVIII in the Grand Final against Scotch Oakburn College. On a bitterly cold and windy Saturday afternoon I watched the team struggle in the second quarter only to demonstrate their true talents in the third and fourth quarters. I have been informed that I have to stop referring to it as ‘AFL’ and say ‘footy’ instead, either way it was extremely pleasing to see the manner and spirit in which it was played. 

It was encouraging to witness the way the community comes together for these events. The Friends of Music cooked up a storm and fed the rather large number of spectators. There were many who were thanked on the day, but a special mention needs to go the ground and support staff who presented the facilities. We are truly blessed! 

As this goes to print the Year 11 and 12 students are currently completing their mid-year examinations. For some, this is a time for celebration and for others, it will be time for reflection on ways to improve before the final examinations at the end of the year.   

I would like to wish all the best to the History students who are heading to Canberra to experience real life history in the first week of the school holidays.  Good luck also to our Open Girls who are playing in the upcoming Netball Carnival in Melbourne.

Finally, as the semester draws to a close I want to thank the St Patrick’s College community for making me feel so welcome. There is always much to do in a College as vibrant and energetic as St Patrick’s College. So my wish is that it is a restful break for all and that the regeneration provides the energy to head into the second half of the year.

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God Bless

Mr Tony Daley