Thursday, 3 August 2017

 Welcome Back To Term 3

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The first six months have flown by and looking ahead the pace of the College is certainly not decreasing.

Over the recent break we had the Senior Netball squad go to Melbourne for the Waverley International Schools Netball Championships, the Senior History and Civics tour head to Canberra and students from Ascent head to Melbourne to immerse themselves in their outreach endeavours. Just a mere snapshot of College life, the co-curricular, the academic and the developing Catholic Identity of the College. 

Recently I read an article from school psychologist, Mrs Jody Forbes which I found extremely interesting. I wish to share a couple of the points she raised in regards to the responsibility we have with young adults. As you would know already this is not a task for the fainthearted. There are times of utter joy compared to times of frustration and desperation.

The gifts and values that we want our students to gain and develop simply can’t be handed over. The gifts of wisdom, imagination and integrity can only be balanced alongside patience, courage and frustration. We all need to experience discomfort in order to develop these character traits. As a parent I can empathise that other parents want to shield their children from pain and disappointment, but there is much to be gained from letting them experience discomfort in their adolescent years to prepare them for adulthood. Life is full of times and experiences where we do not gain the desired response, being passed over for employment, missing selection for a team or not being chosen for a part in a musical, however what is important is how you respond to the disappointment. Negative feelings are impossible to avoid but it gives students the chance to grow those qualities and values that we all aspire to, such as resilience, determination and patience.  

Schools are amazing places, we are not even two thirds through this year and we are now moving towards subject selection for 2018. I encourage all parents to be the significant adult in their children’s lives and ensure that you attend the required information evenings for subject selection. It is always beneficial for the student to bounce around ideas with their parents when it comes to this important part of their young lives.

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God Bless

Mr Tony Daley