Thursday, 4 May 2017

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of St Patrick’s College,


As we continue with the Easter period in the Church it is always pleasing to see the way in which St Patrick's students and their families have engaged with the spiritual side of the Easter celebrations. 

My wife and I attended the Stations of the Cross at Westbury to find a number of current and past students actually leading the service. They were captivating in their delivery and lead us all on a journey of reflection. I am also thankful to those staff and students who helped with the Stations of the Cross at the Church of the Apostles.

Easter Sunday celebrations saw many of the St Patrick's community including students, staff, Old Collegians and parents taking an active role in the services and celebrations. It is the sense of the community that has impacted on me most since I moved down from Brisbane and I hope to nurture and continue to grow this in the years to come. 


During the holidays our Year 12 Student Executive marched on Anzac Day. Over the years I have seen the compassion of our young people grow for those who have served our country. It was a tradition in my family to take my children to the Dawn Service at Manly and pay our respects while watching the sun rays glisten over the water onto the ANZAC Memorial. For St Patrick's College, the significance of the day can be reinforced when you enter the Chapel, walk down the aisle and turn and look up to see the Honour Board of fallen soldiers who went to St Patrick's College. Once again for me it has only reinforced the sense of community in and around the College.

Lest we forget.









In my 50 years of life on this earth I can't remember a time when I was not playing, coaching or supporting my children on the sporting field. The lessons learnt on how to respect the game, to respect the opposition players, respect the referees or umpires, to handle victory with humility and defeat with dignity makes participating in sport or other co-curricular activities a key component of developing life long skills. 

Parents play a significant role in the formation of the key attributes of their children and therefore it is important to model these attitudes and behaviours when supporting College co-curricular activities. We should all be proud to be part of the St Patrick's College community and therefore we are in the process of designing some supporters gear that will be able to be purchased in the coming weeks.


In the media recently there has been many references and commentary on the new Netflix series, ‘13 Reasons Why’. It is a fictional series about a young girl who takes her own life and then proceeds to re-tell the reasons for her actions. 

At St Patrick's College we endeavour to follow the current research on prevention through education and positive mental health, which is embedded in the curriculum. 

As parents we can sometimes have difficulty knowing how to address these topics with our children, so I encourage you to refer to the Headspace website: Headspace provides strategies in which to support and have conversations with your children in regards to this.


NAPLAN is on again next week and it is important to remember a couple points in regards to the tests. These provide a snapshot in time of numeracy and literacy for the students. For staff and students it is just one part of the puzzle of evaluating where a student is in their development. As a College it allows us to examine what we are doing in particular areas and evaluate our teaching methods and curriculum. Please encourage your sons and daughters to do the best they can when the opportunity arises.


As this newsletter goes to print we will be mid-stream through the performances of Footloose. The ticket sales have been amazing and if you have some spare time during the day on Friday there are still some tickets available for the matinee performances -


Finally, I ask for your support in ensuring students are in the correct school uniform. In particular, students must wear white socks (only) with their PE uniform and as part of the winter uniform requirements, boys are to wear a long sleeve shirt tucked in neatly and all students need to be wearing ties. 

Particularly when there is a summer/winter uniform changeover, please check the newsletter, website or Schoolbox for the Uniform Store opening hours during the school holiday period and ensure your child has the correct uniform items ready for the commencement of each term. 

One of our goals at the College is to prepare our students for the work environment and all workplaces will have their own uniform policy that needs to be adhered to. 

I wish you all the best for the exciting term ahead.

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God Bless

Mr Tony Daley