Thursday, 9 August 2018

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of St Patrick’s College.

Success can be measured in many different ways. When it comes to education the most common measure of success is grades, and academics plays an important role in education at St Patrick’s College. However, it should not be the only measure used to make judgments. At St Patrick’s College it is our mission to educate the whole person and we endeavour to work in partnership with the family to achieve those goals. 

The College provides so many opportunities for individual growth. Most of you are aware of my passion for team sport, as participants develop the skills of teamwork, collaboration and how to be humble in victory as well as coping with defeat. A metaphor for life actually! 

However sport is only one aspect of life at the College. The formation of faith through mission and outreach develops compassion and a sense of giving. The Ascent program is an activity of outreach built on faith and compassion. Two Sundays ago, while working on the Vinnies Van one of the clients saw my St Patrick’s College jumper and engaged me in conversation. She asked me to thank the students who made the soup and was so appreciative that young people cared about those in need - it certainly made me feel very proud.  Well done to the Year 9 students who make the soup every week under the supervision of Mr Santamaria.

On that same night I was lucky enough to be joined by a parent who was also a volunteer. It made me reflect on the St Patrick’s College community and how we can all support organisations such as St Vincent de Paul. I have included the contact details below for any interested members of our community who may like to volunteer for the many services that Vinnies offers the community. It is truly a great way to live out your faith.
St Vincent de Paul - 6333 0822 or

Culturally, St Patrick’s College also provides many avenues for student growth and success. I wish Miss Mowat, her team and all students participating in the upcoming Music Tour to Brisbane the very best. I certainly know they will enjoy the weather.

The growing sport of Mountain Biking had its national Schools Championships last week and some could argue that St Patrick’s College is the number one mountain biking school in the nation, with the College winning four gold medals.  Well done to Mr Cooper and his team.

Congratulations are in order for Jaime Jones (Year 7) and Eleanor March (Year 9) who are the Australian History Competition state champions. Thank you to Mrs McCulloch for coordinating the competition entries.

Finally, in Pope Francis’ weekly address he said that: “Jesus came to bring us something more”.  It is our mission as a College to bring more to our students in order for them to grow into fine young men and women who will be compassionate, wise and giving.

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God Bless

Mr Tony Daley