Thursday, 8 February 2018

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of St Patrick’s College,

Welcome to all our new and existing families as we embark on the 2018 academic year.  I would especially like to extend a warm welcome to those new students and parents/guardians who are joining our College community for the first time.

On Tuesday, I addressed the Year 7s in the Chapel and went over my dreams and expectations for them in the coming years. Father Richard also spoke to them in regards to the transition from primary school to Year 7 at St Patrick’s College. While some students will feel comfortable with the change, it is to be expected others will struggle. We have encouraged students to speak up and ask questions when required in order to ease the enormity of the change.

Last year, in my first as Principal I spent many hours listening and observing what takes place at St Patrick’s College. Further consultation with stakeholders saw the development of the St Patrick’s College Strategic Plan for the next five years. This year, there will be more emphasis placed on learning and achievement and how the whole College community can play its part in improving academic achievement for the students and ensuring they have the opportunity to reach their full potential. The College, teachers, parents and students all have a role to play in the achievements of our students.

To this end, I have made a number of changes for 2018 to improve student achievement, including placing greater resources into numeracy and literacy in the middle years and ensuring there is sufficient academic time for valuable revision and completing TASC courses in the Senior School.

As a consequence of increasing academic time the College will not conduct a Senior School Swimming Carnival this year.  The College Swimming team will still continue to compete at NSATIS and SATIS level.

Last year some Senior students missed three days of academic time in order to participate in the College Swimming Carnival and NSATIS and SATIS competitions. In comparison, students who participated in the other two school-wide sports, Athletics and Cross Country, missed two days of school. Cancelling the Senior Swimming Carnival brings the academic time lost in line with these sports.

It is our hope your children thrive beyond their years of schooling due to this refreshed focus on academic achievement and the many opportunities and challenges provided at St Patrick’s College.

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God Bless

Mr Tony Daley