Thursday, June 14 2018

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of St Patrick’s College.

A couple of months ago the College Captains came to me with a proposal. The Student Executive wanted to participate in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout on the 21st June at UTAS Stadium. Being a supporter of the selfless work that Vinnies does within the community and the way it provides staff and students opportunities to work collaboratively on the mission of the College, how could I decline?

The Student Executive has been baking and selling cakes, conducting sausage sizzles and organising a gold coin donation for students to wear odd (or should I say, black) socks on Cross Country day. It was both heartwarming and humorous to see the sea of black PE socks return for a very short cameo appearance. The day certainly panned out in the spirit it was intended and I want to thank the staff and students for their contribution for making the day such a success. 

Being a large community we are always inundated with requests to help fundraise for many worthy causes, however as a Catholic college our first priority is to our Catholic based charities such as Vinnies and Project Compassion.


As we lead into the assessment period for the College, especially the Senior School, there is no guaranteed method of support that works for all. I have found a kind word of encouragement, making your child their favourite drink or suggesting it’s time for a break can be ways to offer support. 

There is also the other end of the spectrum, where students struggle to get started. My advice is to set down a start time and do it in short chunks of time, which will eventually become longer as maturity develops.  

Finally, students need to eat well, be active and have adequate sleep in order to keep their mind active and refreshed. I wish all students the very best in the coming weeks. 

Education is not just about academics, but educating the whole person. In this vein I wish to acknowledge the St Patrick’s College Chess Team who were victorious last week against Scotch Oakburn College.  From what I am told it was a day of tight competition with our team winning on count back.

Last Tuesday night I had the pleasure of watching two performances by our Theatre Production classes.  The first was a thought provoking piece about the youth of Tasmania and the difficult decisions they have to make regarding their future. The second was Picnic at Hanging Rock, which I have to say was both terrifying and brilliant.  The dialogue that had to be learnt and the timing was breathtaking for high school performers.

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God Bless

Mr Tony Daley