Financial Assistance

IMG_8394.JPGReductions in school fees for special circumstances are made by a sub-committee of the Board of Management of the College. Applications for reduction are made on forms available from the Business Manager. Such applications should be made as early as possible in a school year and need to be made each year.

To obtain a form please telephone the Business Manager – 6341 9988.

Student Assistance Scheme

St Patrick’s College is continuing to provide Student Assistance to eligible families.  Families that have been assessed as eligible for Student Assistance by the Department of Education are entitled to receive any required textbooks and workbooks listed on the booklists on a loan basis for the year.  No stationery will be provided.  If you have an approval letter of assessment from the Department of Education, please provide us with a copy. 

If you have not been assessed by the Department of Education but believe that you are eligible, you can apply directly to the College by completing the following application form