School Fees

The College Board has approved the following Fee structure for the year 2017.

Tuition Fee

Per Annum Per Month x 9
$3,987 $443


P & F  Voluntary Levy

The Parents & Friends Association endeavours to provide financial support to the College through the provision of a voluntary levy.

In 2017, the Parents & Friends Association requests a voluntary contribution of $72 per family per annum ($8 per month) in the school accounts.

Parents are encouraged to support this initiative and the other activities, educational, social and financial, organised by the Association.  It is important for all parents where possible to continue to assist their daughter or son through active involvement in all school activities.

Building Levy

To assist with the continued development of College facilities the College Board and Governing Council previously approved the introduction of a voluntary Building Levy of $90 p.a. per family. This levy is charged with the normal fee account sent out in March each year. The levy is a Tax-deductible donation to the College’s registered building fund and official receipts will be issued. Parents are encouraged to support this initiative which will assist the College maintain and improve its facilities for the benefit of all students who attend the College.

Early Payment Discount

A 5% discount of tuition fees is available for full payment of the yearly account by 31st March.
(N.B. Does not apply to parents on Fee Reduction Scheme)

IMG_8306.JPGPayment options for your convenience :

  • Direct debit to your nominated bank account or credit card
  • BPay
  • Centrepay through Centrelink

Family Discounts

The College offers significant discounts for parents/guardians paying fees for three or more children in Catholic schools.

3 children in Catholic schools $396 per student at SPC p.a.
4 children in Catholic schools
or 3 children at St Patrick’s
 $792 per student at SPC p.a.
5 or more children in Catholic schools
or 4 children at St Patrick’s
 $1188 per student at SPC p.a.

Tuition Fees

Design in Metal160624-1.jpgThe College charges one main fee for tuition which covers all the subjects taught through from Year 7 to Year 12. This minimises the need to charge individual subject levies and covers the majority of costs involved.  It also spreads the cost of educating a student evenly over the course of their secondary schooling. A proportion of fees is allocated for capital works and equipment. The College also has a fee assistance scheme for families that may be experiencing financial difficulties. Please apply through the Principal or Business Manager.

Accounts : Issue and Payment

The annual fee is billed evenly over a nine month cycle from March to November. The College offers a variety of methods of payment, from direct debit of your Bank account, monthly credit payments through EFTPOS, salary deduction, cheque or cash. BPAY is also available.

The fee covers the cost of most planned curriculum and co-curricular based activities, and reduces the need for collections during the year. The only time that extra collections should be made is when a project or excursion is over and above the normal expected for a particular course (i.e. student constructing a large project in metalwork/woodwork, or special drama performance deemed appropriate to assist students). There are also some specialised camp activities which are over and above the normal cost allowed for camps (eg. Year 10 Camps).

The College Board is committed to the monitoring and administration of a fair and just tuition fee system and believes that the continuation of the nine monthly program will continue to assist families meet their commitment. It is also important to have an open communication system and parents are encouraged to advise either the Principal or the Business Manager of any difficulties that may arise.

Accounts are due on a monthly basis and must be paid within the month.
If your payment arrangements have changed or you wish to vary the terms of payment, please complete the Payment Arrangements Form and return to the Accounts office, or scan and email it to

If you are unable to make a monthly payment in time, please advise, preferably in writing, to the Business Manager or Principal.

The College will review overdue accounts on a monthly basis. The College Board has also engaged the services of an External Debt Collection Manager to assist with the collection of overdue accounts. When accounts become 60 days overdue and there has been no contact with the College, accounts may be lodged for follow up. If this approach is unsuccessful, accounts will then be lodged for collection with the Tasmanian Collection Service.