Bus Pass Application and Information

Use the below Bus Contact Details, Metro Timetables and Bus Stop Information links to help fill out the Bus Pass Application - these links will provide you with bus route and time information. 

2017 St Patrick's College Bus Pass Application - New and Modified Applications

Bus contact details
Bus timetables
St Patrick's College Bus Service Information
St Patrick's College Bus Stop Information

Please click the following links to view Bus Company contact details and Bus Timetable information.

Bus contact details
Bus timetables

Rules of Conduct

All members of St Patrick’s College community are called to respect others property at all times.

  • We should always attempt to be courteous and avoid anything that offends others.

  • We should act in public with pride to uphold the good name of the College and each other.

  • We should not be in town unless it is necessary

  • We should not congregate in the Mall or any other location.

  • We should move through town bus stops quickly and catch the first bus available.

  • When we are waiting for buses we should not block footpaths and should board busses in an orderly and polite manner.

  • We should not eat and drink in uniform in the public street, except for use of a water bottle.

  • We wear the blazer as the outer garment. During summer the shirt and tie or dress are also acceptable, but not the jumper.

  • Smoking is not permitted at anytime or in any place in school uniform. Furthermore, we should not be with those who are smoking.

  • There should be no expressions of over-familiarity


The College Bus Coordinator is Mr Barry Smith, who can be contacted on 6341 9988 during business hours.

Please click on this link to view the Metro Agreement.

Student Carpark

There is free student carpark available for Senior students who drive themselves.  Students must register their vehicle with the Senior School.