Rowing Club Championships

State Club Championships

The last regatta of the pennant season was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, as we all knew it would be an intense couple of days. This year at the State Club Championships, St Patrick’s College proudly came home with two championships.  Lili Wrigley won the Women’s Under 19 Single Scull Championship and Rebecca Bye won the Women’s Under 17 Single Scull Championship. The club was cheering from the bank for both these ladies in their respective races and excitedly celebrated when they crossed the finish line.  Both have been training very hard and are very deserving of their medals. 

Other successes for the weekend included second place in the Women’s Under 19 Coxed Quad Scull Championship (Hayley Ross, Myneika Morrow, Chloe Bessell, Lili Wrigley and Esmae Morrow as coxswain) and second place in the Women’s Under 17 coxed Quad Scull Championship (Rebecca Bye, Sophie Cashion, Tayla Cherry, Myneika Morrow and Chloe Bessell as coxswain). 

It was great to see lots of excitement, hard work and commitment from both the Under 16 girls and Open girls. Despite the on and off rain and slightly chilly weather, the water was perfect for racing, the conditions were smooth and calm. 

Overall St Pat’s had an outstanding weekend to finish off the pennant season and we can’t wait to start the school season off with a bang.

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