DSCF1237.jpgStudents are able to participate in five camps and two retreats in their six years at St Patrick’s College. A wide variety of venues throughout Tasmania are explored as part of this exciting, challenging and compulsory program of outdoor experiences.

Year 7 Early Term 1 Core groups, Waddamana (2 nights)
Year 8 Early Term 1 House groups, various sites (2 nights)
Year 9 Early Term 1 Paired core groups, Tasman Peninsula (3 nights)
Year 9 Late Term 4 Choice groups – single sex, various sites (2 nights)


Year 10 Various times Specialist choice camps, various sites (2 nights)
Year 11 Before Easter Retreat, Camp Clayton (1 night)
Year 12 Before Easter Retreat, Camp Clayton (2 nights)


Grade 7 Waddamana.JPGGrade 8.jpgGrade 9 Surfing.JPGGrade 10 Rock climbing.JPG