DSCF1237.jpgStudents are able to participate in six camps and two retreats in their six years at St Patrick’s College. A wide variety of venues throughout Tasmania are utilised as part of this exciting, challenging and compulsory program of outdoor experiences.  The sequential nature of the camps program from Year 7 through to Year 10 gives students the ability to further develop important life skills including resilience, self confidence, empathy, leadership, initiative, cooperation, resourcefulness and independence.

Year 7 Early Term 1 Core groups, Woodfield (2 nights)
Year 8 Early Term 1 House groups, various sites (2 nights)
Year 9

Early Term 1
Early Term 4
Late Term 4

Paired core groups, Tasman Peninsula (3 nights)
Rite Journey groups - solo camp (1 night)
Gender groups, various East Coast sites (2 nights)


Year 10 Later Terms 2 and 4 Specialist choice camps, various sites (2 nights)
Year 11 Before Easter Retreat, Camp Clayton (1 night)
Year 12 Before Easter Retreat, Camp Clayton (2 nights)


Grade 7 Waddamana.JPGGrade 8.jpgGrade 9 Surfing.JPGGrade 10 Rock climbing.JPG