At the heart of our College is the mission of the Catholic Church and our own Mission Statement which challenges us to be a school community of faith, learning, respect and service in the Catholic tradition. Also at the heart of our Catholic College is the learning community. Together these are blended to form the core of our Catholic school learning community following in the teachings of Jesus.

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“At St Patrick’s College we are committed to 21st Century quality teaching and professional practice that challenges each student to realise their full potential and achieve personal success in their learning”. (SPC Strategic Directions 2010-2015).

With the three-school model of learning in the Senior School (Years 10-12), Croagh Patrick (Year 9) and Middle School (Years 7 and 8), each having unique features and purposes, the tapestry which forms our College curriculum binds us together in the pursuit of academic excellence and achievement for all students. There are many colours, threads and textures which complete the fabric of our learning and teaching programs. We are called to be disciples of Jesus as we continue to engage in professional dialogue to ensure the warp and weft meet and develop the uniqueness of all our students in their daily learning.

Senior School


Central to the mission of St Patrick’s College, senior students are an integral part of our school community of faith, learning, respect and service in the Catholic tradition. In order to prepare senior students for the final journey of their secondary school experience, all aspects of Senior School are designed to meet the needs of all students. They are encouraged to be independent thinkers, make informed decisions, and take responsibility for their own actions as learners. Senior students work in partnership with a dedicated team of senior school staff to realise their full potential in order to pursue future pathways. The Learning & Teaching programs in Senior One are based on the Australian Curriculum content, pedagogy and assessment framework however some Senior One students also study one Senior Two subject. In Senior Two and Three, students study syllabi from the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority. There are many pathways students may follow from studying a range of courses that best meet their needs.

The 2019 Senior School Handbook (Year 10, 11 & 12) can be accessed here.
The 2018 Year 10 Textbook and Stationery List can be accessed here.
The 2018 Year 11 and 12 Textbook and Stationery List can be accessed here.

Croagh Patrick


Following two years of study in the Middle School at St Patrick’s College, Croagh Patrick students continue their studies as part of a smaller learning community at the Croagh Patrick Campus which is adjacent to the main campus. Following the Australian Curriculum, the learning areas of English, Science and HaSS are combined into integrated studies that relates each of these learning areas to big picture ideas. This enables students to develop a learning frame of mind where they can make the natural connections between subjects and learn skills that are transferrable across a range of subject areas.

The Croagh Patrick educational initiative was realised in 2012 with students undertaking a program of study designed specifically for Year 9 students and their academic, social, physical and spiritual needs.

The culture of endeavour and excellence in the holistic education of Year 9 students focuses on equipping the young men and women to grow in their faith and to share God’s gifts justly and wisely.

The 2019 Croagh Patrick Handbook (Year 9) can be accessed here.
The 2018 Croagh Patrick Textbook and Stationery List can be accessed here.

Middle School

Middle School students follow a structure that is based on timetabled blocks which enables students to engage in the learning, skills and activities in each lesson in more depth. The key principles of middle school learning are reflected in this structure: simplified timetables and schedules and reduced time in a day spent moving from one subject to another. This allows teachers scope to plan for learning that encourages deeper exploration of the subject matter and greater engagement with activities and pedagogies. As well as the core subjects of English, History, Mathematics, Science, Health & Physical Education and Religious Education, students enrol in option subjects, participate in CLAN, a community based lesson once a week, and Well-Being on Thursday afternoons.


The Middle School offers a well-structured, well-resourced and caring learning environment where students are encouraged to embrace the full range of opportunities offered. The Middle School is dedicated to offering a holistic, individually oriented learning experience for all students.

The 2019 Middle School Handbook (Year 7 & 8) can be accessed here.
The 2018 Year 7 Textbook and Stationery List can be accessed here.
The 2018 Year 8 Textbook and Stationery List can be accessed here.

ACADEMIC COUNCIL - The Learning and Teaching Team

Dr Julienne Colman – Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching

Mrs Lindsey Hills – Senior School Director of Curriculum 

Ms Leigh Hart – Croagh Patrick Director of Curriculum

Miss Deborah Cottle – Middle School Director of Curriculum

Learning Leader - Senior School Ms Rachel Scott
Learning Leader - Croagh Patrick Miss Sarah Daff
Learning Leader - Middle School (Digital Technologies) Mr Matthew McGee
The Arts Mr Cameron Ivory
Health & Physical Education Mr Paul Smith
Learning Enhancement Mrs Cassie Lobley
Languages Mrs Bronwyn Stow
Mary MacKillop Library Mrs Robyn McKenzie
Mathematics Mr Wayne Spradbury
Religious Education Mr Patrick McManus
Science Mr Chris Denton
HaSS Mrs Kate McCulloch
Technology Mr Ben Goode
Vocational Education Ms Maria Bassett