Scholarships and Awards

Thomas Bourke Scholarship

This scholarship was made in memory of the late Thomas Bourke, who was a particularly significant contributor to the welfare of the College in its early years and left part of his estate for the purpose of supporting students at the College. 

The allocation of the scholarships is at the discretion of the Principal, based on a testing process that all Year 7 students partake in early Term 1. 

Recipients of the Thomas Bourke Scholarship receive a deduction of their annual school fees each year they are enrolled at St Patrick's College*. 

*If in the judgement of the Principal a student who has been awarded a scholarship fails to make satisfactory progress or is unsatisfactory in any other way, the scholarship may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn.

Martin-Lyall Scholarship

The Martin-Lyall Scholarship has arisen from the generosity of the late Mrs Rosemary Gleeson-West, who sadly passed away in 2016. Mrs Gleeson-West made a substantial donation to St Patrick’s College in order to establish a scholarship to assist students with payment of fees, in memory of her parents who lived and worked in Tasmania.

Mrs Gleeson-West’s late father, Mr Athol Winton Martin, was born on the 25 March, 1900 and died on 20 August, 1978.  Her mother, Maida Kathleen Lyall was born on 30 March, 1912 and died on 11 March, 2001.

Annually, during Term 3, students in Year 10 and 11 are invited to apply by submitting an essay comprising of two sections in accordance to the scholarship guidelines. After consideration of written applications, a shortlist of students are selected for interview. Two students from both year groups are then awarded the scholarship, which is a contribution deducted from their annual fee at St Patrick’s College for one school year.

Francine Allan Award

The Francine Allan Award is in memory of the late Francine Gayle Allan. 

Francine gained her Higher School Certificate at St Patrick's College after amalgamation with Marian College, which she attended for her secondary education.

Francine's all round ability, enthusiasm and leadership was evident in her College representation in a number of fields including girl's cricket, swimming, netball, Speech and Drama and debating.

In 1985, Francine was invested as a prefect of the College in her final year. After graduating she went on to study Pharmacy at the University of Tasmania. Francine was nearing completion of her second year of studies when she tragically died in a motor vehicle accident.

Each year, Year 12 students vote for a female Year 12 student they feel is an all-rounder who contributes to others and the school community with humility and commitment. 

Garry Wainwright Award

The Garry Wainwright Award is in memory of the late Garry Wainwright. 

Garry began his education at St Patrick's College as a Grade 3 student in 1966. He was well liked and respected throughout his school years, contributing greatly to may school activities.

Garry was a talented swimmer and well known in the sporting field throughout Tasmania. He was a member and trainer of College football teams and a member of the 1st VIII Rowing Crew.

On the 19th January, 1976, Garry sadly died in a motor vehicle accident.

Each year, Year 12 students vote for a male Year 12 student they feel is an all-rounder who contributes to others and the school community with humility and commitment.

Michael Zeeman Award

The Michael Zeeman Award commemorates Old Collegian Michael Zeeman, who tragically died during a medical procedure a short time after completing Year 10.

Michael loved life, valued fairness and appreciated that effort and taking part were more important than being first.  Michael was an all-rounder, had a great sense of humour and enjoyed the company of others.

The Michael Zeeman Award recognises a Year 10 student of exceptional commitment to all aspects of College life.

Pierre de Coubertin Award

The Pierre de Coubertin Award recognises a Year 11 or 12 student who demonstrates positive values which are consistent with the fundamental aims of the Olympic Movement through participation in sporting activities.

Each year, students are asked to complete an application form addressing all of the criteria.  The College then considers all applicants before a final nominee is chosen.

The  Pierre de Coubertin Award is given to the student who best contributes to the College in the many realms that make up 'sport', including sporting achievements and service to their sport.

For more information regarding the Pierre de Coubertin Award, please refer to:

Special Awards

Additional awards are presented to students at the end of the year in acknowledgement of leadership, service and contribution to the St Patrick's College community.  The College is very grateful to those benefactors who have contributed to these awards in the past, present and future.