Spiritual Values

Strength through Faith and Knowledge – the motto of St Patrick’s College permeates all that we do. Our commitment to fostering the faith development of our students, staff and parents is paramount to our role as educators here at the College. Guided by the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools and inspired by the charisms of our founding orders (Sisters of St Joseph, the Presentation Sisters and the Christian Brothers) St Patrick’s College has a responsibility to;
"... represent the values of the Church, presenting the compassionate face of Christ to the world - respecting the dignity of every person as a child of God.” (Catholic Ethos Statement: Archbishop Adrian Doyle, 2005)

Our commitment to fostering the faith development of our students, staff and parents is paramount. The term ‘faith journey’ is very apt and we are very much aware that people are all at very different stages on this journey towards understanding and deepening their spirituality and students in particular need to be offered many opportunities to witness others of faith, to see what faith looks like in action and to come to experience moments of prayer and spirituality in a welcoming and nonthreatening manner.

Within the frenetic pace of our College life, we hope to offer students moments of silence and ‘Sabbath’ where they are encouraged to still their minds, to slow down and distance themselves from the pressures of the day and to experience prayer and reflection. Each morning during Tutor Group, students are involved in prayer that centres on the lives of those within our community and develops a sense of unity to those in our wider and global society. House Chapels are held once a fortnight with Tutor Groups taking turns to prepare a liturgy for their House. Prayer also has a fundamental place within our Religious Education classrooms where we endeavour to share a variety of prayerful experiences.

Religious Education is compulsory at St Patrick’s College at each year level and has been developed in line with Good News for Living and the upcoming implementation of the Australian Curriculum. Our Religious Education classes not only encourage the same academic rigour of other areas of curriculum but require students to consider philosophical dilemmas, pursue various lines of argument, to think about the spiritual in their own world and the world of others.

Reflections Days (in Years 7-10) and Retreats (Years 10-12) are integral to our Community. The themes of these days are based on our College Mission Statement and are underpin by scripture. These days enable students to strengthen bonds within their class and year level, to slow their pace, and reflect upon past and consider future directions. Fundamentally, they challenge our students to consider the ways in which they are called to respond and to act on a personal, social, global level.

House Masses and our St Patrick’s Day and End of Year Masses are significant events on our College calendar and draw members of our Community together to participate in the Eucharist and understand its centrality to our Catholic Faith. Mass is also held each Friday morning in our College Chapel and is celebrated by Father Richard Ross and we are blessed that he spends each Friday with our Community - visiting classes, celebrating class liturgies and masses, meeting with staff and students and offering guidance and direction to the Faith and Justice team.

St Patrick’s College provides the opportunity for students in Years 10-12 to further explore and deepen their faith, experience personal and leadership formation, be involved in social justice and ministry opportunities and gain a strong understanding of what it is be a part of a community through the Remar youth ministry program. Being mentored and guided by our Remar Coordinator, Adrian Viney and with each group being lead by a staff member (or Helm) for three years, students who choose to be involve are given a most incredible opportunity to enrich so many aspects of their lives and we have been blessed to have witnessed the transformation and growth of so many of our young adults through their involvement in Remar


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