Student Wellbeing Support Services

This is a free and confidential service available for members of the St Patrick’s College community with a focus on positive outcomes for students. It includes assessment and intervention to address educational, social, emotional and behavioral needs. This can be delivered individually, to groups and to families. Counsellors can identify barriers to learning, development and adjustment; and assist an individual, the family and/or the College to achieve healthy growth and positive outcomes using solution focussed, evidence based interventions. Student Wellbeing Support Services work closely with key areas in the College such as the Wellbeing Team, the Inclusive Learning Department, the Pastoral Care Team and the Curriculum Team. Student Wellbeing Support Services respect and support diversity and difference, contributing to inclusive practice at St Patrick's College.

Services include:

  • Psycho educational assessment and recommendations
  • Mental health and wellbeing screening and referral
  • Counselling
  • Referrals to and liaison with community agencies and other professionals
  • Consultation with school staff
  • Parental consultation and counselling
  • Case coordination.

There are a number of issues that can affect a student’s educational progress and social/emotional wellbeing that could be addressed by a SWSS Team member, including

  • Learning styles, difficulties and disorders
  • Behavioural issues
  • Stress, anger, anxiety and depression
  • Negative feelings, sadness and suicidal thoughts
  • Loneliness, friendships and peer relationships
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Managing life with disabilities or health issues
  • Self harm
  • Poor school attendance, engagement and refusal
  • Trauma, Grief and Loss
  • Keeping safe skills
  • Family Conflict
  • Personal development
  • Social skills training
  • Study skills
  • Problems with sleep and eating
  • Life stressors
  • Transition and managing change
  • Loss of motivation and poor achievement
  • Coping with separation and divorce
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Alcohol and drug use/abuse
  • Being harmed

The counsellors are fully qualified and have extensive knowledge and experience of assisting students, families and staff where difficulties and disruptions are experienced and affecting learning and life. You can access a counsellor directly or through College staff. Students are able to self refer also.


Alexa Headlam
Student Wellbeing Support Services Coordinator
Phone: 03 6341 9916
Office: 03 6341 9988
Headlam, Alexa.jpg

Helen McKenna
School Counsellor/Social Worker
Croagh Patrick/Senior School
Phone: 03 6341 9951
Office: 03 6341 9988

McKenna, Helen.jpg
Leonie Coskun
Provisional Psychologist
Middle School
Phone: 03 6341 9838
Office: 03 6341 9988


Mental Health Helpline: 1800 332 388
Child Protection: 1800 001 219/ 03 6336 2376
Family Violence and Counselling Services: 1800 608 112/ 03 6339 2262
Youthbeyondblue: 1300 22 4636
Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800
Life Line: 13 11 14
Sane Australia: 1800 18 7263

Websites and Online Counselling