School Life

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The Motto of our school is 'Strength through faith and knowledge' and our Mission Statement confirms the importance of the development of the full potential of every student in this College.


  • Learning

    We offer a well-structured, well-resourced and caring learning environment and we encourage our students to grasp the full range of opportunities offered.

  • Pastoral Care

    We strive to develop a learning environment which provides for the progressive growth of responsibility, critical awareness and self-discipline. 

  • Community Outreach

    Members of St Patrick's College are given numerous opportunities to work with various community organisations that offer support to locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Spiritual Values

    Our faith in Jesus Christ and our belief in his Gospel are the foundation of our work in this community. 

  • Student Welfare

    Focusses on providing professional assessment and counselling services to improve the learning, mental health, wellbeing and lives of young people at St Patrick’s College.

  • Camps

    Students are able to participate in five camps and two retreats in their six years at St Patrick’s College.

  • Co-Curricular

    St Patrick’s College provides a wide and diverse range of co-curricular activities as an integral part of the educational experience.

  • Scholarships and Awards


    Every year the College offers a range of scholarships and awards.  The College is very grateful to those benefactors who have contributed to these awards.

  • Canteen

    Our College Canteen is run by Chef, Mr Joel Stingle. Mr Stingle supervises a small, dedicated group of employees who provide a great service for the students and staff.