The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools draws inspiration from Sacred Scripture and key Church documents.

Catholic schools are the means by which not only students, but also families and the staff experience the richness and beauty of the Christian life.

— The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools

The Charter

The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools

St Patrick’s College gives witness to the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Hobart by undertaking to:

  • act as an evangelising agent for the mission of the Church; 
  • educate the whole person in spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological, social, moral, aesthetic and religious capacity;
  • ensure our Curriculum and Instruction foster the desire to seek wisdom and truth; the preference for social justice; the discipline to become self-learners; the capacity to recognise the right moral action and the desire to transform and enrich the world with the love of Christ; 
  • ensure all staff in the community are role models giving witness to their daily interactions with students and other members of the community; 
  • develop partnerships with parents, the primary educators and members of the Parish community in order to foster appreciation of the different gifts that build a learning and faith community and strengthen academic excellence.