The Catholic Education Commission Tasmania (CECT) is appointed by the Archbishop of Hobart.

Good governance requires working toward common ground.

— Pete Hoeskstra

Governing Council

All Tasmanian Archdiocesan schools and colleges operate under the governance authority of the CECT and its four permanent Standing Committees:

  • Catholic Identity & Evangelisation
  • Education
  • People & Culture
  • Resources & Sustainability

The Commission advises and assists the Archbishop of Hobart and operates in accordance with the Archbishop’s direction as well as the doctrines and laws of the Church. The Tasmanian Catholic Education Office (TCEO) is the operational arm of the CECT.

The CECT's Resources and Sustainability Standing Committee (RSSC) has oversight of the College’s funding, financial and capital areas.

Board of Management

The appointed Board of Management has responsibility for managing the strategic direction of the College, policy development, finance, facilities and managing associated risks and opportunities.

The College Board Members are:

Ex Officio Members:

  • Mr Tony Daley (College Principal)
  • Fr Mark Freeman (Priest)
  • Sr Elizabeth Vagg (Presentation Sister)
  • Mr Michael Johnston (Christian Brother)


  • Mr Nigel Chong 
  • Mrs Patricia Chilvers 
  • Mr Philip Illingworth 
  • Ms Melissa White
  • Mr Peter Barns
  • Mrs Denise Bott 
  • Mr Daniel Aras 
  • Mr Simon McInerney 

  By Invitation 

  • Ms Mandy Tennant 
  • Ms Karen Cole