Catholic Identity & Mission

At St Patrick's College our mission is to form our students in the midst of our authentic culture of Catholic education for the contemporary context.  We are supported and challenged by the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools and the charisms of our founding Orders.

The Person of Christ is at the heart of Catholic education.

— The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools

Our Mission

As a part of the life and mission of the Catholic Church, St Patrick’s College seeks to animate the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools and be inspired by the Charisms of our founding orders, the Sisters of St Joseph, the Presentation Sisters and the Christian Brothers.

Our mission is to be a school of faith, learning, respect and service in the Catholic tradition; which is evident through our values:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Individuality
  • Excellence and Endeavour
  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Stewardship
  • Compassion
  • Social Justice

Our commitment to fostering the faith development of our students, staff and parents is paramount. Everyone in our community is offered many opportunities to experience moments of prayer and spirituality and strengthen their faith in a non-threatening manner.

True to our College motto 'Strength through faith and knowledge', Religious education is compulsory at St Patrick’s College.  It has been developed in line with the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office’s curriculum document Good News for Living and encourages students to consider philosophical dilemmas, pursue lines of argument and to strengthen their knowledge of the Catholic faith.