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St Patrick's College encourages the involvement of its community through a variety of support groups. These groups provide invaluable time and resources to our College and cultural and sporting programs. Parents/guardians are invited to participate in the following groups:

What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.

— Aristotle

Friends of Music

Friends of Music (FoM) is open to anyone interested in Music at St Patrick’s College, particularly those dedicated parents whose children play an instrument, sing in a choir or study Music at the College. The role of the group is to support both Music Tutors and children by providing financial (through fundraising) and moral support.  FoM’s objective is to enable children to enrich and broaden their musical experience.

Friends of Music meet once a month and we warmly welcome all parents to become involved with our school music families.

To join this group or to find out more information please contact us.

Friends of Rowing

The St Patrick’s College Rowing group is an inviting, community minded group of rowing enthusiasts and parents/guardians who actively participate in rowing camps, regattas, training, fundraising and social events. Friends of Rowing is a parent body which supports their children's rowing experiences as well as College coaches in their quest to make St Patrick's College rowing successful.  

Rowing has been a regular St Patrick's College co-curricular activity since it commenced in 1919. Currently, the rowing team consists of around 80 students and participates in eight to 12 regattas during the rowing season, including pennant regattas, the North West School's Regatta, the Tasmanian Schools Championships and Head of the River.

The Club’s facilities include the Lindsay Street boat shed and College campus training facilities which enable students to be physically, mentally and technically prepared for competition.

Encouraging ongoing involvement in rowing, senior students are transitioned into postsecondary school rowing through involvement in the Rowing Tasmania pennant season.

Please contact the College if you are interested in joining Friends of Rowing.

Parents & Friends

The Parents & Friends' Association endeavours to provide parents with opportunities to raise and discuss matters of interest with the College. Parents/guardians are therefore invited and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings held at the College. New faces are always encouraged and welcomed.  Please contact the College for more information.

The Parents & Friends' Association meet on the third Tuesday of each month in the College Staffroom.

Tuesday 16 October - Executive Meeting
Tuesday 20 November - Annual General Meeting

Members Position Name Mobile
Vice President
Treasurer and Nominee to the Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council (TCSPC)
Elected Member and Immediate Past President
College Contact

The Parents & Friends' Association has made the following documents available to keep the St Patrick's College community informed.

November 2017
October 2017
September 2017
August 2017
June 2017
February 2017

Australian Parents Council
Australian Parents Council News
Catholic Schools Parents Australia
Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council


We rely heavily on parents/guardians who volunteer their services to the canteen. A roster is created for those who volunteer and each person has a shift once per month, or more often if possible. The shift can be for an hour in the morning or an hour at lunchtime. For those who have more time available, a shift from 10.30am through to 2.00pm, is also available.

Without the kindness of the volunteers it would make it very difficult to serve the students. We are always on the lookout for new helpers in the Canteen, so if you are keen to interact with the students and are able to assist us we would be very grateful.

Volunteer at the Canteen.