Support When It's Needed

St Patrick's College offers students and parents/guardians a range of support services for wellbeing and career guidance.

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle

— Christian D Larson

Student Wellbeing Support Services

The College Counsellors are an integral part of the Pastoral Care support structure at the College. Services are free and confidential and are available for members of the St Patrick’s College community with a focus on positive outcomes for students. Specifically, the Counsellors provide:

  • a professional counselling and educational assessment service for individual students
  • consultations with parents and staff
  • advice and referral to support services available in the local community

Services include assessment and intervention to address educational, social, emotional and behavioral needs. Counsellors can identify barriers to learning, development and adjustment and assist an individual, the family and/or the College to achieve healthy growth and positive outcomes using solution focused, evidence-based interventions. Student Wellbeing Support Services respect and support diversity and difference, contributing to inclusive practice at St Patrick's College.

Future Pathways

Students may find the careers service useful if they have a career concern such as;

  • planning school subjects for the next year
  • getting a part-time job
  • deciding on a future career direction
  • exploring career and course options
  • making career decisions
  • locating courses related to career goals
  • finding out subject prerequisites and ATAR scores required for different courses
  • exploring career ideas
  • writing a résumé and cover letter

Future Pathway counsellors are available to any student or parent/guardian with career related concerns. Appointments are available in study periods, lunch, after school and other times by arrangement.