Music Education - a Gift for Life

A wide variety of music tuition is available to Catholic primary school students through the instrumental music program.

Essential Information for 2020
Catholic Primary School Information Booklet

Use this form for a new enrolment OR to change to another instrument
New Enrolment/Change of Instrument Form

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Re-enrolment Form

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Withdrawal Form

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Feedback Form

2019 End of Year Concert

Schoolbox - Tuition Lessons

Our College Schoolbox Music Portal will give you access to important information and lessons for the Primary Schools program. Please use the following link and access details.

How to sign in as a Music Guest to Schoolbox
Please note: If you are already logged in with the Music account, you may be asked to select the Music account from the list.

  • At the top right of this page click Parents
  • Click Sign in with Google
  • Enter guestmusic as the username before (eg then click next (If prompted, select use another account)
  • Enter the password Music then click next (if prompted select the guestmusic account from the list)