Bus Arrangements

St Patrick's College has bus arrangements with both Metro and country bus companies.  If your child catches the Metro 846 service, they will need to apply for a Connector Bus Pass and the application link can be found below.  If further information is required please contact the College Bus Coordinator on 6341 9988 during business hours.

Bus Company Contact Details
Bus Services
Bus Stop Map
Code of Conduct
Metro Timetables & Bus Routes Maps
Country Connector Bus Application Form (for Metro 846)

College Pick-up and Drop-off Points

For parents/guardians who want to drop-off and/or pick-up their children, a dedicated zone is provided near the entrance of the College, located next to the Chapel and Reception areas. When using this area, please be considerate of others and observe speed limits and pedestrian crossings.

Parents/Guardians are to familiarise themselves with the following pick up zone guidelines:

  • Arrive for pick up from 3.25pm onwards to allow students time to exit. This encourages better traffic flows.
  • Parents/Guardians are to move their cars to vacant spots in the zone as taxis do in a taxi zone.  This allows vehicles to move in at the back of the queue, rather than squeezing into vacant spots or reverse-parking as other cars are pulling out, causing potential hazards.
  • If your child is not ready to be picked up, you are requested to move on, leave and re-enter the grounds, by which time your child may have arrived for pick-up. Car parks in the drop off/pick up zone have a maximum two minute parking time.  
  • Please note the exit onto Westbury Road is a left hand turn only. We request you do not drop-off or pick-up outside the College on Westbury Road just past the roundabout, as your child will need to cross the busy College exit to reach the footpath leading them into the grounds. Vehicles stopped in this area also limits visibility for vehicles exiting our grounds.
  • There are dedicated Visitors parking spots available if you need to park your vehicle and enter the College.

Senior School Car Park

Senior students who drive are able to park in the dedicated student car park which includes spaces for both cars and motorbikes.  Students are to display a sticker if parking on the College grounds.