St Patrick's College is a Catholic co-educational secondary (Years 7-12) college, located in Launceston, Tasmania. We have a tradition of education spanning back to 1873 when the Presentation Sisters began teaching their pupils at Sacred Heart College. St Patrick's College, as we know it today is a school community of faith, learning, respect and service in the Catholic tradition. Further information on our rich history can be found by visiting our History page.

The mission of the Catholic school is the integral formation of students.

— Pope John Paul II


The College motto, 'Strength through Faith and Knowledge', announces the essential purpose and direction of our College.  We are committed to a holistic, inclusive and Christ-centred education that provides opportunity for each student to learn the skills, knowledge and values in order to thrive in a changing world.


Our College Crest, designed by staff and students and introduced in 1985, combines elements of the three Catholic college crests that once existed in Launceston.  The crest has been updated several times, but retains the following elements: 

  • The three sides of the triangle in the Crest represents the three founding orders that are integral to the College (the Presentation Sisters, the Sisters of St Joseph and the Christian Brothers), and the three Colleges that merged together to form the present day St Patrick's College (Sacred Heart College, St Thomas More's College and St Patrick's College). 
  • The three red flames in the centre of the Crest highlights the influence of the Holy Spirit on the founding orders. 
  • The circle running through the triangle depicts the unity of the three Colleges combined. 
  • The chain in the Crest symbolises the College's motto, 'Strength through Faith and Knowledge'. 
  • The cross represents the Christian faith as fundamental to the College.