What is Schoolbox

Schoolbox is a unique all-in-one online portal and, teaching and learning environment. Schoolbox provides the tools for you to take part in your child's learning journey and our College's community. It provides you with a dynamic opportunity to be partners in your child's learning and is used to communicate, collaborate, learn, manage, integrate and create.

Schoolbox gives you access to all the information you need as soon as you log in. Links to your child's timetables, grades, academic reports, co-curricular groups and resources such as the College calendar, are easily accessible directly from Schoolbox - all with one login.

How to Sign in to Schoolbox

If you are already logged in, you may be asked to select your College account from the list.

  1. Open the St Patrick's College homepage http://www.stpatricks.tas.edu.au
  2. At the top right corner of the homepage click Parents.
  3. Click the Sign in with Google button.
  4. Enter your College username (not case sensitive, e.g. RF123456) before the @community.stpatricks.tas.edu.au then click next.
    (If you are signed into a web browser with an existing account, select use another account before entering your College username.)
    (Please note, if you are using a tablet or phone you may need to type the email address in full. For example, RF123456@community.stpatricks.tas.edu.au)
  5. Enter your College password then click next, if you are logging in for the first time click accept on the user agreement.
  6. If prompted select your College account from the list.

Reset Password

If you remember your St Patrick’s College Username but have forgotten or would like to reset your Password:

  1. Open the St Patrick's College homepage http://www.stpatricks.tas.edu.au
  2. At the top right corner of the page, click Parents
  3. Click the Forgot/Reset Password link
  4. Enter your St Patrick's College username (not case sensitive, e.g. RF123456). Follow the on-screen prompts to reset your password.

Forgotten Username

If you have issues signing in with your Schoolbox Username, fill out the form (link below) and you will receive an email with recovery details. Please allow up to two business days for this request to be processedThe email will be sent to the email address you have registered with the College.  

 Click here for Forgotten Username Form

Alternatively, contact the College on 03 6341 9988.

Summary of Schoolbox Features for Parents

Action Centre

Displays any messages, tasks and alerts related to your child/children, payment details and other personal alerts.

My Details

Allows you to view and update personal details for you and your child/children.


Displays a history of financial receipts, transactions and statements.
Includes options to make a payment and update payment methods.

Payment Plans

Parents may select their payment type and frequency.   

Student Information accessible by Parents

Student Profile 
For each of your students, you will be able to access profile information. This includes their Tutor/Homegroup, Tutor/Homegroup teacher, House and House Head. 

Academic Information
Parents can access academic information by clicking on the relevant buttons under the student’s name at the bottom right-hand side of the dashboard page. (These tabs are also available by clicking on the student’s name on the left-hand side menu.)

Timetable - the student’s timetable for the fortnight. Click on the subject to access further information on the class page.

Calendar - this is the College calendar, which includes when the student’s tasks are due.

Due Work - this page has a calendar showing only when tasks are due, as well as a list of tasks and their due dates, in order of priority.

Grades - keep track of your student’s progress by clicking on each subject under the Grades tab. Subjects will only appear in the list once the first piece of work for that subject has been assessed (from approximately the middle of Term 1, if not sooner).

Academic Reports - at mid-year and the end of the year, an Academic Report will be published giving an overall grade for each subject, or a narrative report where appropriate. Students can only see their Academic Report through the Parent Schoolbox view.

Financial Information for Parents

Payment Plans
Parents may select their payment type and frequency online at the start of each year. Once the payment plan has been activated, changes for the year need to be requested through the Accounts Office.

Selecting your Payment Plan Online
In early February, you will receive an email requesting you log on to Schoolbox and select a payment plan for your annual fees.  You will be able to select between a self-administered or College administered payment plan, and can securely store your bank or credit card details to enable easy payment processing.  If you select a self-administered plan, you can pay via our online system or you can continue to use your current payment method such as BPAY. If you select the College to administer your payments, direct debits that match your selected payment plan will be automatically set up fo you.

The fees are due in full by 31 March, however, we are offering the following payment plans:

10 monthly instalments from 28 February to 30 November;
20 fortnightly instalments from late February to late November; or
40 weekly instalments from late February to late November.  

We continue to offer a 5% discount to families who pay in full by 31 March. 
These details will be available when you log in to select your payment plan in late January.

Building Contribution Fund
We still request that parents/guardians donate to our Building Fund each year. This can be paid online through the payment portal or by calling the College.  The College strongly encourages all families to donate to this important appeal, which provides funding for capital projects which may otherwise not be possible. The donation is fully tax deductible.

Split Accounts
If you request split accounts for administrative purposes or wish to change a current split-fee arrangement, please complete a Payment Arrangement Form and return it to the Accounts Office.  

Discounts and Fee Assistance
If you wish to claim a sibling discount for children attending our Catholic primary schools or apply for Fee Assistance, please email fees@stpatricks.tas.edu.au