St Patrick’s College has achieved a significant milestone with the completion and official opening of redeveloped facilities for the Year 10 and Year 8 classrooms and general learning areas, the Middle School courtyard, as well as administration and staff facilities. 

The facilities at St Patrick’s College are now at a very high standard, with the exception of several existing Senior School science rooms, which we have recently received approval for redevelopment to create a STEM facility.

The design concepts of the STEM Centre have been developed in line with the learning needs and growth in student numbers in the Senior School.

In the proposed building, there are 12 classrooms, two open plan general learning areas, and three STEM classrooms and Science classrooms both for the Middle School and the Senior School.

We affectionately refer to the redevelopment as the Heart Project, due to the building connecting the Mary MacKillop Library, the Senior School, and the Barrett and Nano Nagle gymnasiums. At the centre of the redevelopment will be the cafeteria, food hall and amphitheatre. The contemporary spaces in the building will provide our College community with large daylit gathering spaces as well as provide students with the best state-of-the-art facilities in order to engage in their learning.

This will be an 18-24 month build and is currently scheduled to commence in December 2022.