Middle School students follow a structure that is based on timetabled blocks which enables students to engage in the learning, skills and activities in each lesson in more depth. The key principles of Middle School learning are reflected in this structure: simplified timetables and schedules and reduced time in a day spent moving from one subject to another. This allows teachers scope to plan for learning that encourages deeper exploration of the subject matter and greater engagement with activities and pedagogies. As well as the core subjects of English, History, Mathematics, Science, Health & Physical Education and Religious Education, students enrol in elective subjects, participate in Life Skills - a targeted middle years pastoral care based lesson once a week, and Wellbeing and the Literacy Program on alternating Thursday afternoons.

The Middle School offers a well-structured, well-resourced and caring learning environment where students are encouraged to embrace the full range of opportunities offered. The Middle School is dedicated to offering a holistic, individually oriented learning experience for all students.